SE&M Constructors recognizes the importance of strong service programs, both preventive maintenance and emergency service.

Ready when you need us

Our goal is to minimize the need for emergency service through routine maintenance programs, but weather and other unforeseeable circumstances make the occasional emergency situation virtually inevitable. Our network of service technicians is on-call around the clock.

One call, day or night, and the appropriate personnel will be dispatched to address your problem.

Familiarity with your specific equipment makes for minimum downtime

By having our service team perform the initial system start and establishing a routine preventive maintenance program, our team will know your equipment, leading to faster, more efficient troubleshooting and repair when needed.

All service personnel are highly trained, skilled troubleshooters. While safety precautions are never compromised, our personnel know that equipment downtime can mean an uncomfortable working environment, lost production, even a shutdown and understand that emergency service work must always be approached with a sense of urgency.

Help is only a call away

The SE&M Service Hotline number after regular business hours and weekends/holidays is 252.977.1175. During business hours, call 252 985.4020.

Service Agreements

While HVAC downtime at a personal residence can be uncomfortable, that same amount of downtime at a business can be extremely costly. Whether it’s dissatisfied customers who walk out, distressed employees, less than optimal working conditions, and the ultimate – closing your doors until repairs are made, most businesses cannot afford this downtime.

One of the most reliable ways to avoid breakdowns and keep HVAC equipment performing at optimal efficiency (lower energy costs) is regularly scheduled inspections, service, and preventive maintenance. Finding small problems early on in a routine inspection can sometimes prevent disastrous problems later, and regularly scheduled HVAC system tune-ups also help extend the life of the system.

Service You Can Trust

SE&M service agreements are designed to maintain your HVAC equipment for safe, peak performance while making smart economic sense. Our agreements are reasonably priced, easy to understand, and you already know SE&M is an honest, trustworthy, and dependable resource. As a business owner, manager, or key maintenance player, a service contract means one less problem for you to worry about.

From a cost standpoint, a service contract can ease budgeting and aid with cash flow projections, too. In addition, it eliminates surprises and allows accounting to cut the same size check every month to a single vendor.

A service agreement also keeps technicians familiar with your company’s equipment and can save a great deal of time in troubleshooting and repair. SE&M records accurate documentation of all maintenance work.

For more information or to set up an appointment to discuss a service agreement for your company, call 252 977.1155.