At SE&M Constructors, we know that safety is about knowledge and attitude.

Improved safety benefits everyone

Employees enjoy a safer work environment, clients get more competitive pricing from a company that has to pay less for workers comp, and clients ultimately have a lower risk of liability for job site accidents.

Extensive classroom instruction, field training, safety videos, employee testing and frequent refresher sessions, combined with a “Work Safe” attitude, contribute to our outstanding overall safety record.

Our commitment to safety practices and programs is unwavering

Every new employee undergoes pre-employment drug screening and a criminal background check. Employees attend safety classes where they are trained in all aspects of safe job performance, including forklift and scissor lift operations, lock out/tag out programs, and competent persons duties.

Our safety director makes certain that all SE&M employees are thoroughly versed in safety regulations and precautions before they are allowed on a job site.

SE&M’s concern for employees, both ours and those of other contractors on the job site, goes way beyond OSHA requirements.

Periodic job site safety visits from management help reinforce our strong commitment for creating and maintaining a safe working environment.

Long-standing Safety Bingo helps keep safety issues front and center

As an extra incentive, our employees participate in Safety Bingo, a program designed to further promote safety and keep safety issues in the forefront. SE&M has long recognized that a strong safety program is beneficial for everyone.