SE&M Constructors’ plumbing and industrial process piping professionals are seasoned veterans of the trade utilizing 3D scanners and some of the most high-tech equipment available today. Our mission is to provide quality plumbing and process piping to our clientele regardless of individual project size while developing a long-term relationship.

A wide range of projects for an even wider range of clients

With a client base consisting of large industrial plants, distribution facilities, and commercial buildings, projects range in size from small repair jobs to our largest installation to date, two natural gas engine chillers totaling a chilling capacity of 2100 tons, a $2.5 million project.

Typical installations include process piping for most major industries: medical gas piping for healthcare facilities; food grade, pharmaceutical, and specialized piping; steam and condensate piping; and contained piping for chemical industries. Specialized training for all pipefitters and a complete quality assurance program guarantee that every SE&M project is a quality installation.

Where craftsmanship truly matters

Our ASME qualified welders and pipefitters are well-trained in all pressure testing procedures, industry-specific safety parameters, welding / joining technologies, piping and components, and ASME welding requirements.

Safety on the job site and the protection of your installation are always important to our SE&M personnel and all are thoroughly versed in examination, inspection, and testing of work, providing full documentation and traceability for each project.