Charlie Choate Joins SE&M

Charlie Choate has recently joined SE&M as our Safety Manager. Charlie has over 40 years of experience in manufacturing and for the last two years, he has worked in Environmental, Health, and Safety positions. From 1998 to 2016, he was the Safety Director at their Cummins Engine Plant in Whitakers, NC. Under his leadership, he was instrumental in reducing the number of documented injuries in the plant population, an average of 1800 employees, by 65% within five years. In 2014, the plant was recognized for having the best safety record of any Cummins plant.

SE&M has now gone over 1100 days without a lost time accident and enjoys a .74 experience modification.

Charlie was born and raised in Galax, Virginia and his first job was with Burlington Industries where he held a number of positions until his promotion to the Training Department with Burlington in Rocky Mount, NC. From there he went to Texfi where he spent the next 25 years, working his way to the Safety and Training Director position serving 14 plants in three states. He joined Cummins in 1998 and recently retired.

Since joining SE&M, Charlie has attended the 40-hour OSHA training session and classes #500 and #510, each consisting of 30 hours training. He has also attended classes and been certified in CPR, first aid, and dealing with blood borne pathogens.

Charlie is married to Debbie and has three children and two grandsons. He is active in his church and enjoys playing guitar and the outdoors… especially fishing.